Saturday, August 6, 2011


Algebra is a mathematical must

practice you must or you will collect dust

linear equations destined to be defined

Y-intercept and Slope must be derived

A coordinate plane sits at absolute zero

four quadrants compete to be crowned the hero

two sets of coordinates destined to each other

a reciprocal circle of sister and brother

y over x when compared by two sets

leaves behind the slope of x y roulette

a set of coordinates partnered with slope

defines the y-intercept with an equation in scope

slope intercept form we have on our hands

to graph the line on the coordinate land

we travel by the constant to develop the level

positive or negative reflects our bevel

rise over run the slope will run

we now draw our line, shot like a gun

the coordinate plane now brought to life

our coordinates now graphed check the points twice

Simple procedures and there you have

slope intercept form and graphing in your hands.

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

Randy, excellent write. Really love the mathematic infusion and the consistency throughout. Don't know why but that show Numbers popped in my mind, ok show, but a great concept, what a good mind-expanding piece. Thanks

Unknown said...

Ironically...your Confectioneer inspired me to venture down this road. Number's has always been my favorite (not best) subject. I'm glad to see I was able to put to this together as quickly as I did. Kind of excited to do this with trig and calc as well...Thank you sir for opening up a doorway for me. Funnn...