Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Miss You

Today I thought of you
And how We use to use
Today I thought of you
And all you use to do

Today I cried out loud
I violated my vows
Protect you I had said
My soul is filled with dread.

This Eve I thought of you
And your fear of spiders to
This Eve I thought of you
With the silly way you chewed

Tonight you consume my mind
They say it will ease in time
My Love I miss you so
Why did you have go?

I always sing our song
Hoping that I'm wrong
Maybe you'll Appear
Ease this aching fear

I lay in our sweet bed
My love my love your'e dead
My heart it misses your touch
I love you so very much

I drift on off to sleep
Where you and I always meet
Holding hands we retreat
To the fabric of my dreams.


Fred said...

Good write, I particularly enjoy the scheme change in the last stanza, well-done. In addition I'll have to say that the piece works well on tangential ideals, moving the reader in one direction than introducing a contrasting idea. Again, well-done

Randy Sturridge said...

Much appreciated. Solace he has only in his dreams. reminded me of Little Anne and Old Dan from the "When the Red Fern Grows." Thank you for the Comment.

mausi said...

Randy, solace does come in dreams. We miss persons and contexts that, though they are alive in the unveiling of their dear memories in our dreams, we would like to have them back physically. I loved your poem!
A hug, Marli