Saturday, August 6, 2011

Parliament Man

by: Cindy Page

A man with a hat came carrying a bat.
And stopped at the building of Parliament.

We watched from inside as he pounced like a cat,
and began smashing the windows of Parliament.

We were all like: “Oh no! What are we gonna do?!” 
Yes, it’s true!
My pants I did shat 
as we unleashed the rats
to attack 
this attacker on Parliament.

But with God on his side, flames of fate looming high,
There was no stopping this man.

He ascended the stairs, raising up all our hairs,
At the door... a figure... a man.

He smashed open our skulls, and set fire to our balls,
It was pretty damn grim. Seriously.

And now we all sit in heaven, 
basking in Sweet Jesus’ light,
for before he did kill us, 
he administered our last rites.

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1 comment:

Fred said...

Nice piece, very entertaining read, like the shift from rhyme to humor to religious thought. The last stanza is a great ending for the piece as well. Randy thanks for sharing Cindy's work here