Saturday, June 11, 2011

Own The Night

Come what may,
Come what might,
I’m going to own this night.
I live today, 
I die tomorrow,
I shake my head and dive right in.
I’ve lived the follies,
And see the errors,
I know my wrongs,
And done some rights,
But in the end,
I make them all mine.

I embraced the night,
I breathe the dark,
Scared away those darker thoughts.
I’ll be right here standing tall,
Fighting to keep it caged away.
Though I fight today,
I’ll sleep tomorrow, 
And dream dreams of dreams,
Of the end and worse,
Let’s just hope I awake before then.

Tomorrow isn’t promised,
And today isn’t given,
So tonight I’ll become a living legend.
I’ve seen the errors,
I know my wrongs,
But in the end,
I’d only do more gleeful wrongs.
I wish you well,
I’ll wish you death,
I’ll whisper sweet nothings of discontent.

A child of night,
A child of sin,
I like to see what happens in the end.
I’ll make my mark,
My name will be sung,
One day I’m going to embrace the sun.
But for now,
And until the end,
I’m gonna own the night within.
Through thick and thin,
For better or worse,
I’ll be right here,
Smiling till the end.

--Chris Holmgren


Hilda said...

This is very inspirational, but what makes life so worth living is not knowing right now, but eventually finding out later.
I witness a lot of people in this world that gives up on the slightest obstacle. What we fail to understand is that the world is filled with solutions, and the best way to conquer the world is to actually listen to it :)

Randy Sturridge said...

You are absolutely right. Thank you for sharing...well said. I, myself, use to be very full of doubt specific to the unknown. Because of this I became obsessive and begin reading every chance I got. This went on for about two years. The subjects began broadly and before I knew it I was discovered that the more I learn I realized the less I knew. The knowledge base is finite but infinite by human ability. I was able to find peace after two years of searching when I finally realized that it is okay to say you don't know. I realized I was searching for a validation in the existence of GOD. What I found was the exact opposite. Proof will never be ripe for the picking. But in searching I was able to understand that I will never find something that isn't tangible by human touch. In acknowledging that it is okay to say I don't know I was also able to then say I can't say that GOD doesn't exist. If that is the case then he can can exist just easily. I those to believe. In doing that I was able to find a personal GOD that I can believe in simply by allowing myself the pleasure of believing. Ironically through this, I found faith. My search ended. GOD is everything and he is nothing; he is the unknown, he is the goosebumps you get when you get like-minded people together talking about a subject they all find fascinating. He is your ability to change someone's mood just by allowing your mood to influence their current state of being. He is everything, He is energy. It is nice to believe, as those who don't spend their whole life trying to disprove. It is okay to say you don't know. Thank you for commenting, hope you enjoyed by little story of self-enlightment and acceptance within myself.