Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tick Tock

Artist:  Randy Sturridge

Chop the lumber splintered wood
Stack the logs inside the shed
Close the hatches secure the locks
Closely watch the clock Tick Tock

Have some bread enjoy some milk
Threatening winds upon the door
Threaded sweaters layered thick
Listen closely as the old clock Ticks

Grab the quill dip it in ink
Point to parchment begin an entry
Thunder growls after flashes bright
The clock ticks on into the night

Tempatures drop old faithful clock stops
Logs and flint bring a fire to life
A flurry erupts and envelopes the night
A blizzard stops time locked and resigned

Company vacant in these times of sleet
As mother nature screams so violently
Burying shelters and cabins in snow
The clock is stopped though time does go

Days weeks for it could be months
A reprieve from the tumultuous bizzard void
Ticking of a clock can drive all insane
When locked indoors for weeks in a cage

Resigned to allow minds to transcend
The watching of time drain til blizzards end

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

Cool poem I also have written a poem about time ticking away ...very different to yours ! Loved your very much

Unknown said...

Thank you...I'm glad that you enjoyed this. Relativity is very interesting to me and is very power depending on the scenario...I have written two more poems on time that can be found under the "Randy Sturridge" Tag or "Time" tag on the right.

Entitled, "Time's Deisgn"

Entitled, "Invariable Memories"

If you have a site please do link back below any of the poems and I will head your way and check out your work...If you do not have a site I am always happy to host poems...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Randy, excellent piece of writing. Been looking for updates, as you were appearing again on my blog roll, but then it stopped again, last one showing know is Drawing:inner being.

Unknown said...

Yeah...I've sent blogger an email and looked in the help section but the resolution they offer is just not working...I'm waiting to hear from the admins. I greatly enjoyed your poems that you have put out...Very good and I like the range and variation in what you are writing. Very good...Haha you might see a spike in your traffic I just recommended you and as a very good, oringal source for genuinely created poetry. Way to be.