Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cautioned

Chorus of laughter breaks the silent night

Limping sensations drive desires wild

Pack of hyenas shriek laughter in want

Charismatic gestures influence their hunger

Scavenging hyenas seeking out goods

Vulturous rats slop want tongues that drool

Explore the premise of juking The Cautioned

They are so called for they’ve gone quite rotten

Empathy Void The Cautioned are feared

For all of their mysterious Existence these years

Disregard Warning Laughing hyenas engage

Letting long wants drive their masquerade

Nearer they are for rich smells grip the air

Hyenas shriek with lust seek in their Stares

The Cautioned positioned in no particular order

Alone by fire suddenly encumbered by less space

The Cautioned now stand they can smell the want

Hyenas snap bloodlust curses threatening the 
Cautioned to give up the purse

The Cautioned appear alert yet calm

Relaxing, then sitting with smiles all wrong

A great confusion stirs the night

Drawing out of focus the hyenas of night

Laughing erupts but from the cautioned so smart

Readying the feast caged hyenas with salt and small tart

Scavenging hyenas loot nothing this night

Laughing no more for The Cautioned Now Bite

Hyenas of want long tongues now sliced

To late to take warning as The Cautioned Take Lives

Randy Sturridge


Medina Adam said...

Very interesting. Enjoyed reading it

Unknown said...

Thank you...was quite the random write. This was suppose to reflect those that take and do not give...scavengers. But as I was writing I realized I was just putting down anything that came to mind and this is the end result. Strayed from the original plan, but overall I was satisfied in a peculiar sort of way.

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: Awsome post, Im now one of your feed followers

Unknown said...

Glad you enjoyed it...If you liked this one, you may like "Little Tree Gnomes" and "Little Boy" They both have this feel to them...They are in the blog archive on the bottom right of the page.