Thursday, September 8, 2011

Self Satisfaction

Ride the waves of self satisfaction

Take just one day to foster distraction

Turn of the Radio and the TV

Focus on yourself thank yourself please

Encourage your own desires and passion

Walk with pride that you have so fashioned

Bask in the glory of self satisfaction

don't be a product of not taking action

Now is the time this life is yours

Take it by the reins and kick open doors

So many options don't idle or coast

Life is fleeting don't just be a host

Make the decisions that pave the road

Self satisfaction is for you behold



Karen Longden-Sarron said...

Nice poem Randy. Yours and my blogs today are on a similar wavelength! Something in the air?!

Short Poems said...

Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!

Short Poems said...

Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!

Unknown said...

@Karen I Thank you for your post and correct you...I left you quite a hefty comment on your site for you...As well as followed and joined RSS...hahaha Liked your FB page and TWitter, with mention...I really liked your post...Thank you for the comment.

@Short Poems...Thank you as well for the comment. Greatly appreciated. Always nice to see new Artists make their way here. As such I will be making my way in the direction as your work as well.. For today is a day unlike any other and I will live accordingly for myself but for others of like minded characters as we live for the same energy.

Unknown said...

Randy, so true, so true. Thanks for the write

Unknown said...

Haha Always enjoy the visit. I have been networking and aiming to do so more lately...and incorporate more of my work beyond that of just will be more engaging and hopefully inviting and creating incentive to host something that is still yet in the works...Thank you for your comment sir...I will be sure to check your site...I subscribed by email so until blogger fixes this issue I will be updated appropriately...Have you tried the new interface?