Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Are Animals

Deny if you want but the fact remains

We are animals that have just combed our manes

The thirst still beats cavernous within our hearts

Jealousy and competition leaves their mark

Sophisticated we are though basic needs still remain

Without food and water you’re sure to go insane

cold, dark and lonely are the wide open spaces

Will you give your space to shelter other races

It’s easy enough to speak silly words

A vegan when hungry will devour helpless birds

We have taken this planet and claimed it as ours

We force all other genus species behind bars

We impede more and more as we see fit

Stomping out the lights other species have lit

We only step lightly when we unearth our own kind

Evolved our minds we bureaucratically resign

Take take take want want want

We are the samesocial class means nothing

One just convinces itself it’s something

We are the samewe both kill to survive

Without food, water, and shelter we die

You are thirsty it pains your existence

But I’ve got the water and I’m quite resistant

I must live and there’s none to give

Frantic you desire for just one little sip

Driven by lustwith needs gaped ajar

We are animals


we’ve not traveled to far.

We’ve taken this world and live as we wish

We are animals

You must never Forget.

Randy Sturridge

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