Monday, August 22, 2011

Intolerable Fear

Written by: Trish Cockburn

He strolls through the darkest wooded hills
Hands inside his pockets as the wind chills his bones
For once, his mind wasn't consumed by the piling bills
He takes in the fresh, clean air while he walks all alone

His mind so clear he admires the sounds in the darkness all around
In a flash, the small hairs on his neck at attention
Consumed with an uneasy feeling, he stands without making a sound
Bewildered and confused, he feels his body full with tension

He nervously glances around only to see shadows in the dark
He cautiously continues on though the feeling still remains
His pace turns faster toward the lights from the park
His heart beats like a drum with fear as the sky opens up to rain

The rain pelts him in the face like bullets
Inexplicably, he stands still once again
Knowing he should have taken the way that's lit, this fills him with regrets
His inner voice was against him before his journey began

He picks up speed while he cautiously glances behind
Startled by a horrific sound, he forces himself to run
This time he won't turn around afraid of what he'd find
He grabs his chest in pain, in the past he had done

His breaths become more laboured, he's forced to slow it down
While bending down with hands on knees, goosebumps wanting to appear
He looks ahead and sighs, only minutes away from town
Once again his ears consume the sound that had first filled him with fear

The next thing he knew, he's laying on the ground
When he looks up he could only see a small light at first was dim
The rain had stopped, the pain was gone, all had changed around
It all came rushing back again, the noise and fear was created
by him

FIND IT (Intolerable Poem Series #2)

By Trish Cockburn

© 2009 Trish Cockburn (All rights reserved)

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