Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wondering Why, Setting Sun and Lounge Lizard By Dickie Gonzo.

Enjoy this Music that has been displayed for your enjoyment.  Simply click on one the play buttons and it will start the associated song after a couple seconds. You can listen right from the page (you will not be redirected)...Took a bit to allow for this so do enjoy.  Three songs have been put down the feed so you may have a little variety .  This music has been written, synced and brought to life solely by one man.. Dickie Gonzo...brings you Wondering Why, Setting Sun, and Lounge Lizard.  All Unique Original Pieces that would desperately love feedback...You guys are great...Enjoy the awesome tunes from Dickie Gonzo....A Great Friend and very talented writer, musician, and artist.

bum.mp3 by Dickie Gonzo   Dickie Gonzo Brings You: Wondering Why

the Setting Sun.mp3 by Dickie Gonzo   Dickie Gonzo Brings You:  Setting Sun

Lounge Lizzard.mp3 by Dickie Gonzo   Dickie Gonzo Brings You:  Lounge Lizard

1 comment:

Christian Dystopian said...

I like it. If you want to do the Lou Reed type vocals (which is the part I liked best.) Do a tech tweak & push the vocals in front of the instruments. & no I don't
t know how to do that. Someone out here does.
BTW the Lou Reed remark was a compliment, I don't know if it is influence or serendipity but I didn't think imitation.
Keep on, you are going somewhere with this.