Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bloodshed and Butchery

Pompous brutes trudge past fast

Astonishing courage to challenge my wrath

frenzied hysteria fuses within

Rage permeates my existence with sin

I am the target I encourage the masses

Bloodshed and butchery fuels my advances

A cancer erodes the synapse to reason

Abominated, mutated now destined to treason

Blood and Death with excruciating pain

Is now my existence for as long as I remain

Feed my wicked broken desires

With the kind hearted set to fire

Lick the flames just to feel pain

I am death torture to reign



Fred said...

Excellent write Randy. Really nice rhyme, not forced in any manner and keeps things flowing. Real feel to this one. Love the darker work and this is really good.

Randy Sturridge said...

Thank you sir. I am beginning to feel a surge of creativity that is about to be splayed all over the place. Dark and ominous seems to the direction it's taking. More to come.