Monday, August 15, 2011

Without Humanity

Written by:  Gill Shutt

Your inside doing your stuff ,

I'm outside looking in .

I haven't got the things you've got ,

But then that's not a sin .

I see you going your way 

And ask: 

" How can it be 
That I see you and your life 
And yet you don't see me ? "

I have a heart that beats like yours 

And yet you never give 

A thought for me , 'cos I've not got 

A home in which to live .

Well let me tell you , I'm as good 

As any person here ,

But I must spend my life in cold 

And constantly in fear .

I'm spat on and I'm kicked about ,

And dead I'd not be missed ,

But worse than these is when you act 

As though I don't exist .'

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