Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beautiful Monstrosity


Love to provide but not a soul wants

The compassionate nature the hideous boy flaunts

He is precious and so very sincere

Opening the door and speaking so clear

Conduct of kings with love so immense

Not a woman can stay and endure his features

A book burned and blackened contains loveliness with

Refraining from the depression the boy determined to win

He assures himself that all will be sound

With love to give he will find his dove

Aghast though he is his soul sours above


The ugly man hides his face by a thick beard

Drunk and confused his mind aggrieved unclear

Just enough cash to buy a cheap whore

Corner of Ridgewood he can afford

Love love love fuck the white dove

A tired crow follows begrudged

Stay in the shadows the ugly man resents

His face of unique characteristics unkempt

Blackened the days have passed with  neglect

From loves excoriating cruel crawled years  

Easy it is to hunt down a whore

A moments reprieve from loves torturous  sword


The old unsightly man now vagrant and beggar

never having found love's beautiful nectar

The emotional burden his soul entertained

For decades upon decades his heart
so pained

Now Bitter and Hateful the old ugly man is plagued

With dreams of love that the ugly boy had slain
 Death round the corner for the ugly old man

Pondering memories of love in his hands

Never obtained but dreamed he did

That someone in the world had love for him

Resigned to defeat he finally sees

That god doesnt bless monstrosities

Death takes the man as he slumbers and dreams

Awaiting a love that will never be. 

randy sturridge


G E Shutt said...

Loved the concept.
"Blackened his hears has grown through the neglect" is this a typo or am I missing something.

Unknown said...

Hahaha I don't know...I wrote this today and edited it but I just can't remember if I had a thought attached with that or not. Either way it left me confused as I changed it.

Haha thank you for letting me know...I don't think you were missin anything...and if you were then I am as well.

I'll settle for a Typo and a Gracious Thank you for letting me know. Haha I like the Profile Pic.

Thanks for the comment good sir.