Friday, September 2, 2011

Genuine Construct

Never stop, never settle down

One step ahead, on safer ground

Lock the windows, draw the shades

Down with the lightscandles okay

Struggle a constant, picking my head

Must secure a solution unique and unsaid

Perilous days are all that remain

Evacuated majority wanted no more pain

Malicious mistreated revenge declared

Tattered remnants from societal warfare

A genuine construct novel and beyond

Electrical particles tested all wrong

Plausible admonitions cautioned to late

as ideas of wonder influenced rage

Disease took hold unfathomed in stride

Purging the land not a matter of sides

Who are the victims who are the foe

No sides declared just survive with the flow

randy sturridge


Desiree Lourens said...

Quite a harsh view of humanity but I guess it's a true reflection because when an unprecedented event occurs which threatens everybody on every level, self-preservation is the only thought in mind.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the perspective...I see what you mean in regards to the harshness of humanity. I sometimes don't consider all avenues and perspectives when I splay my mind on paper.

Self-preservation was thought of when writing this however only in the respect to the subconscious.

The message that weighed heavy within me when I wrote this was the idea of the "unprecedented" leaving no sense of structure or balance of any form in sight...All absolutes suspected. Where does one stand when right and wrong are not only gone...but forgotten?