Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hand Crafted Soldier

Randy Sturridge

The hand crafted soldier propped up on the mantle is desolate inside

A thought will never pass through the hollow canvas of his eyes

Wars being fought while the distraught widows collapse at rueful news

Grief stricken sisters with sparkling teared eyes receive savage clues

A soldier has passed amongst his comrades with fear in his voice

Idly standing years before never really having a choice

The hand crafted solder propped up on the mantle doesn't get to say

The soldiers of passing wane good morrow as they ascend to heaven

We commandeer the fortunes and fears of future branded tyrants

Honoring bravery seems so savery if it were conveyed

The hand crafted soldier propped up on the mantle shakes his head in pity

We play the game of offering sweet lives ensuring only confusion

Lies beholden the shadows of congress and the moors of black leaders

Walking so carefully in the darkness to ensure they are safely

The dogs of death wag their swift tails marking those so jaded

The hand crafted soldier propped up on the mantle salutes his fallen boys

Our country is playing in the large sandbox and soldiers are their toys

Moving the pieces of those they defeated and shuffling off lost hopes

Why don't we account for those in doubt as their voices chimed in votes

Is it not worth it to question the motive of the decisions that bind

The boys down the road now full grown in size are running with a gun

Running the rapids of America rivers shifted by great damns

The times are wicked as are the decisions made by government hands

The hand crafted soldier propped up on the mantle will see you all in hell

Striking the chord as lively as ever for the minions descend in hell

The judgement is now upon your good favor and it is time for dinner

The hand crafted soldier propped up on the mantle rings the dinner bell

The hand crafted soldier is smiling upon us
 in heaven and in hell.


Unknown said...

Randy, really powerful piece. Sometimes you just have to get things out of your mind and out to the page, I get the sense this was one of those times for you, I could really feel it moving from line to line. I have to admit I had to begin again, I started it and couldn't get the idea of beer out of my mind, as in college we used to refer to our beers as soldiers, wooden, broken, wounded, MIA, etc... and I couldn't get the idea out of my head, so I had to reread. Glad I started over with a clear mind, this piece really needs full focus to appreciate. One of your best my friend, really good work here

Unknown said...

Haha thank you sir. Funny that you say reference beer and college. My buddies and I use to reference beer as Meat, Sustenance, and Fuel. Those are times that I will never forgot. Four years of the most fun, and enlightening years of my life. Interesting that you had to re-read, trust me I had to rewrite. It was difficult to bring into the focus the underlying message I aimed to secure. I did, as you said, have to get this out. Thank you as always for providing much appreciated feedback. It is nice to see that I am not alone in my we ended up as we have I haven't the slightest clue...but visionaries of a forgotten youth is a title I am keen on.