Friday, June 24, 2011

Dusk Is Dawn

photo 5.jpg
Photo by:  Dickie Gonzo @MediaClownRecords

Convex and convoluted churning tides with retribution

 Indoctrination and segregation with manipulated legislation

Executive decisions with collisions in visions

Coercive direction with targeted selection

Subjective clauses with technological pauses

A stagnant fervor leaves a future of herders

A society unwoven with a dictators slogan

Change by suggestion no future for election

 The rights of a man have already left this land

The earth now bleeds by the executive seed

 Judicial Review restructured and renewed

The Legislative is now abated
Dusk Is Dawn The Future has Spawned


Unknown said...

Nice read Randy. Enjoyed this. Good rhyme and flow. Thanks for sharing::)

Unknown said...

Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate the feedback that you provider...and consistently. Whether aware or not you have become quite the influence for me specific to preservation of self-worth. I am eternally greatly for both your feedback and poetry.

G E Shutt said...

As Fred said... nice rhythm... reading a poem with a good rhythm is like being washed by the waves on a beach.

Unknown said...

aaaah.....the beach. My ocean so far away in land of SC.

Waxing my board with great anticipation

As I marvel at the work of mother nature's creation.

Thank you for the comment and the up/down nostalgia of red beaches in florida.