Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Love

Dedicated to Ebony

Caressing your skin with the palm of my hand

Venturing into the unknown with my knees in the sand

Hands in your as I kiss your sweet face

My heart beats true with a resonating base

Feeling your body as I hold you so close

Unbelievable bliss at a dangerous dose

My vision of the future inadvertently shifts

The love you provide is a beautiful gift

Feeling your lips press deeply into mine

I know in my heart that you’re one of a kind

I know what I want when I look in your eyes

I feel it in my soul as it screams out and cries

The skies open up and there flies a white dove

My future becomes clear, I want you my love. 


Unknown said...

Very sweet and beautiful poem!

Unknown said...

Thank you. Greatly Appreciated. It was actually written 5/25/2009. I'm sure she will (after the initial shock wears off) appreciate the gesture.

Mark Spears said...

Now Im going to have to post some depressing love poetry to balance this out.

Unknown said...

You know it sir and I know that you have the vocabulary and depth to do it. Check out the new poem that I added. Also keep in mind, if you email something that you have written to I would be more than happy to feature it on the site and give you your own label as well. let me know buddy. Hope you enjoy the new poem....from long ago.

Kiera said...

awesome job brother!...what a sweetheart=)