Friday, November 25, 2011

Precious Commodities

Drawn and Edited by:  Randy Sturridge

Magnificent lights erupt lighting night sky

The crowd responds with hackles and jeers

A fifteen minute segment every year on this day

Townspeople and young folk cheer and carry on

Innocence envelopes their frail souls keeping out dangers

Parents with fortified presence steer others from a perimeter

Little tyke and his buddies are being watched closely

Daddy catches a glimpse of the works here and there

But he knows that the precious commodities are the reason he is there

Year after year the cheers and the festivals taunt an on-looker

He chooses not to watch the light show but instead watch the tykes Father

This Daddy will never experience the torment of being too fire sky drawn

To learn the cold hard truth that the world can steal more than thought possible

The onlooker watches the finale as tears flow from his yellow somber eyes

This onlooker never got a second chance to make it right a second time

The little tyke's Daddy picks him up, a quick spin, and turns to leave

The onlooker brings the bottle from his mouth and catches the eyes of the Father

A nod from one and tears from another, remembering losing a daughter and her brother

The Father passes without a word, as the onlooker swiftly opens his mouth inserts the gun and pulls the trigger

No more dreams or second chances, all it takes is ten seconds to destroy three lives

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

Wow, what a range of emotions in this one. Quite the deceptive piece, I like, I like. The painting is stain glass like, where I instantly recalled images from a church, with the peacefulness of the flowers and light seemingly pushing through it's frame. The formatting give off the appearance in duality. 1. it is almost as an extension of the image 2. kind of like a staircase, as you move closer to the painting you are moving away from the bad and towards the good.

Awesome write. Really great. Thanks

Unknown said...

Thank you for the extensive post...I can always count on you to put in a masterful analysis. Much appreciated Fred.