Monday, October 10, 2011

Voices of Love

Drawn and Edited by: Randy Sturridge

Beautiful something my hand’s dare hold

So fragile, yet powerful, warm yet cold

Beautiful something bring life unto me

Satisfying, justifying, my nerves set free

Grown into me, become my purpose

Giving reason for living with emotions surfaced

Beautiful angel from my life to you

I trust wholeheartedly you know what to do

Angel I love, my life I would give

To lift any burden so that you could live

Love, my dear, my sweet chocolate bunny

It would tear me apart, if you start running

I fathom only the bottomless thoughts

That leave me empty with loss I fought

Into old age I pictured myself

Only with you and our picture shelf

Retire to our quaint little house by the sea

Set in my memory just for you and for me.

Randy Sturridge


Unknown said...

really beautiful ...thank you x

Unknown said...

Randy, nice job. It's tough writing things that are overly personal, at least I find them that way- your poem is a tribute to any who has experienced such emotions, and you knocked this one of the park. Great job. Thanks.

Short Poems said...

This poem is absolutely beautiful...beautiful words…nicely crafted it. Thanks

Unknown said...

Thank you guys greatly for the comments. Have been off the radar a bit...but have yet again returned. Nice to come back and see some great comments. Thanks all.