Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bipolar Minds

So excited, full of life, no more worries no more strife

Wide awake, shutting down, ripping apart and spiraling down

Completely numb though aware, no more trying, I don’t care

Giving up, giving in, life is empty full of sin

Where’d you go, my only hope, you dimmed the lights, no more fights

We were whole, one pure soul, we wanted more to adore.

Let’s try this, lets try that, favorites found, cheerful sounds

Taking more as we adore the love we share for each others care

As time goes bye I begin to sigh, feeling the change as my passions die

Time is lost, anguish gained, wide awake with my brain insane

I see your tears as though they’re years, passing through time and all my fears

I don’t know and I don’t care lets leave this time and we’ll be fine.

Well travel back to before and forget this pain that we adore.

 I’ve been blind I missed the signs, so lets rewind and we’ll be fine.

No more pain, just me and you, lets reset and be renewed.

 Its not to late I hope its not, your life, my life, my life, your life 



Anonymous said...

u definitely captured the ups and downs shared between two partners in a relationship. "wide awake with my brain insane." been there brother.

Ripple Effect said...

For those that have...they will understand instantly.

Thanks for the comment.

Fred said...

Good piece. I remember reading it back when you original tweeted me. Reads well with each subsequent read as well. Good job Randy, nice capture of the essence here, speaks volumes:)

Anonymous said...

Took 2 readings to see it about relationships interesting